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Your dental health can have a lot to do with your overall health. Studies show that tooth decay and gum disease can cause other health problems including heart disease. Regular checkups for you and your family are extremely important. Having the right dental insurance and / or dental discount plan can save a substantial amount of money through prevention while promoting overall good health.

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No Waiting Periods! This was unheard of until now. Cigna is also the only carrier offering orthodontic coverage for adults and children.

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St. Charles and St. Louis Dental INSURANCE

Most dental insurance plans cover two cleanings and one set of x-rays per year at 100% when using network providers. Minor and major services pay a percentage of services and have waiting periods as stated in the plan. Most dental insurance plans have annual benefit limits, deductibles and many offer no orthodontic benefits in the individual or family market.

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St. Charles & St. Louis DISCOUNT Dental Plans

When should you choose a discount dental plan? If you or family members need dental work beyond the stated annual benefit amount, a discount plan maybe a good option. Pairing the discount plan and an insurance plan may even work better. Discount plans have no benefit limit associated with them and some include discounts for orthodontic care. If you are unsure which is best for you and/ or your family needs call us at 636-940-2368. We would be happy to assist you in making an informed decision.

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